1. Do you work with individuals?

We work with both individuals and legal entities.


2. What ways do you send a purchase?


Sending is possible by Russian Post.

There are two ways to send:

A) Economy class. Reasonable cost of delivery, depending on the gross mass of the package (mass of reagents + mass of packaging). For more information about the cost of sending you can find in your account when placing an order, it is calculated automatically.

B) Premium class. High shipping cost and fast delivery speed.


3.  Do you send a purchase abroad?


Yes, we ship orders to any country in the world, except the UK, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Ukraine. Delivery is carried out by Russian Post. The cost of delivery is automatically calculated and added to the cost of the order in your account.


4.  Available payment methods


We accept payments by credit card and PayPal.


5. What is the minimum reagent packing?


The minimum packing is individual for each position. For expensive reagents, the cost of which exceeds 100 rubles per gram - the minimum packing starts from 1 (one) gram, for reagents the cost of which is less than 1 ruble per gram - the minimum packing starts from 250 grams. Some drugs, for example, especially hygroscopic, decomposing in air are not packaged. For such reagents the price is indicated for a piece (ampoule, vial, packaging, etc.).


6.  In which town are you?

We are located in Kaliningrad, Russia.


7. What bank cards do you accept for payment?

We accept cards of any banks of payment systems VISA, MasterCard and MIR. Payment is made through the processing center of JSC "Tinkoff Bank".


8. I made an order, but for some reason they don’t answer me for a long time.


As a rule, all orders are processed within 24 hours from the time they are processed by the buyer. There may be several reasons for the delay in response: summer time of the year (it is time for vacations, there may be an extended processing interval for applications), the response letter was sent to your e-mail box in the SPAM folder (this is especially common among owners of mailboxes with the @ gmail.com domain), technical work on the hosting (after completion of the work and after the restoration of the site, all applications will be processed). I would like to emphasize that the administration responds to ALL received letters and applications. If, however, you have not received a response, then write a letter to sales@chemcraft.ru