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Lithium fluoride for spectral analysis, 99.99%



CAS №: 
Main substance: 
Reactive Qualification: 
pure p.a.
Molecular mass: 
in poly bottles
Russian standard: 
TU 6-09-01-266-85
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351 rub

351 rub
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Impurities content (weight %)
Calcium (Ca2+) <0.003
Magnesium (Mg2+) <0.003
Aluminum (Al3+) no spectral line Al 3092.7Å
Iron (Fe2+) no spectral line Fe 3020.64Å
Sodium (Na+) no spectral line Na 3302.3Å and 3302.99Å
Lead (Pb2+) no spectral line Pb 2833.07Å
Silicon (Si4+) spectral line traces Si 2881.58Å
Copper (Cu2+) spectral line traces Cu 3247.54Å and 3273.96Å